Theory of Change

theory of change

You Need a Theory of Change. But How Do You Create One?

A Theory of Change is a powerful framework that enables a venture to articulate what it does and why. It also enables the venture to express what it hopes to achieve and what strategies will enable those outcomes. So if you have ever found yourself struggling to explain the short term and long term impact of your organization, you need a Theory of Change.

Five Tips to Turn Your Brilliant Business Idea into a Venture

What name are you going to give your venture? Will it operate online, offline or as a hybrid? Is it going to be a for-profit venture, a social enterprise or non-profit? Where will your clients come from? Let all of these questions form in your mind and see if you’re getting excited with each passing day. If not, it’s okay to let the idea go – not every idea is meant to be implemented, and some ideas take years to come to fruition.