Executive Track

We all know individuals whose career achievements inspire us, whether through personal contact, media-driven publicity or stories passed down through third parties – we admire them for the work they do, the results they achieve and the overall relevance that they exude. Very likely, those results did not happen by chance – leaders who achieve the greatest impact are deliberate about their investments of time and effort and the attendant results. Executive Track provides a system through which impact-driven leaders are supported in analyzing their personal strengths, empowered with a fail-safe platform to practice leadership and coached with expert feedback to ensure personal and professional excellence.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the process of receiving personalized support, designed to accelerate a leader’s journey and enable them to deliver exceptional results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches offer much more than encouragement – they analyze the personality of their executive, offer recommendations, encourage self-reflection and provide actionable feedback. The right coach can help you develop personal effectiveness, enhance your business knowledge and help you define a unique leadership style.  For entrepreneurs and aspiring corporate executives, we have developed a seven-module curriculum that starts from strategic thinking and progresses to strategic communications, managing projects, networking, managing people, managing budgets and executive leadership.

Career Mapping

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In spite of expanding education options and near unlimited access to online learning, there is a growing deficit in acquisition of critical skills required for career mastery. Even worse, many young people are pursuing education without a roadmap for where it leads or clear strategies to maximize their time. However, there are organizational strategic planning principles that can be adapted for individual career mapping. It is possible to eliminate the ambiguity in pursuing career advancement, especially when started early. With most people spending an average of 40 years in the work force, a detailed individual life plan breaks down the composite plan into decade-long plans, 5-year plans and eventually 1-year plans.

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Executive Track is a leadership development podcast designed for emerging executives in the corporate and non-profit sectors, or anyone else seeking to accelerate their careers. Faith Abiodun is an entrepreneur, project manager, writer and speaker. Building on a successful career in journalism, nonprofit management and education, he served as an Executive at African Leadership Academy, overseeing Communications, Marketing, Program Recruitment and Partnerships. This podcast draws from his professional journey and those of other corporate leaders.

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