About ThinkTank

Why ThinkTank?

ThinkTank is a leadership and strategic advisory firm empowering entrepreneurs, corporate executives and emerging professionals with creative venture optimization strategies. Research shows that more than half of all new ventures fail within their first two years, and this proves true in the business and social sectors. Among many reasons, the absence of strategic planning and entrepreneurial leadership result in the failure of many credible ideas. Our optimization approach utilizes design thinking and strategic planning principles to empower leaders to maximize organizational impact. 

Strategy at the Core

What is the secret ingredient that transforms a start-up venture to a world leading organization? The answer is much more than talented professionals, credible business products or cutting edge management practices. At the heart of purposeful advancement in any sector is a clearly-defined strategy. An organization that operates based on a clear strategy makes deliberate choices about investments to make and options to ignore or defer. Strategy courses through the planning phase of a venture, in its leadership ethos and in its communication of value. We work with high impact ventures in the business and social sectors to develop strategic plans that guide their operations and their leadership framework.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Leadership is one of the most discussed topics in the world, yet there remains a dearth of high-impact leaders in the public, private and social sectors. Various schools of thought argue that leadership is not a transmissible or learnable concept, but we believe that leadership can be learned through practice, reflection and feedback. Impact-driven leaders recognize that at the core of holding positions of responsibility, there are problems to be solved and value to be created. We work with young entrepreneurs, emerging professionals and corporate executives to analyze their strengths and identify opportunities for growth, while designing approaches to maximize career advancement and business objectives.