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ThinkTank is a leadership and strategic advisory firm empowering entrepreneurs, corporate executives and emerging professionals with creative optimization strategies for individual and team success. We believe that leadership is best developed through a consistent loop of practice, reflection and feedback, underpinned by a clear strategy. Our approach utilizes design thinking and strategic planning principles to empower leaders to maximize impact. 

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development
– John Maxwell

Our work is designed to to build a supportive network around leaders of Small to Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) through FrameWork, and to accelerate the individual pathways of emerging professionals in the corporate and social sectors through Executive Track.


FrameWork operates alongside high potential start-up ventures and social enterprises to develop processes that enable optimal performance and generate desirable results. Our suite of advisory services is built on three core components: strategic planning, corporate governance and stakeholder management; with particular focus on leadership development in founder-led organizations.

Executive Track

Executive Track is a leadership development programme designed for emerging executives in the corporate and non-profit sectors. We have developed seven core modules to accelerate career progression from entry level to executive teams, ranging from strategy to communications, managing people, networking, managing projects, managing budgets, and executive leadership.

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How To Make Your Team Think Like You

Welcome to the real behind-the-scenes life of a founder. It is a classic experience for founders of early stage ventures to realize that in spite of the existence of a team, whether they are paid of volunteering, the founder still does an outsized share of…

Strategy is a Game of Choices

For all its relevance, a strategic plan by itself does not equate to a well-defined strategy, and strategy is not a static exercise. As a well-oiled machine, a functional organization must regularly revisit its strategy to ensure that it is staying relevant in a rapidly…
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Every Leader Needs a Mentor

Mentoring is a relationship-oriented adventure; a successful mentor provides a safe environment for their mentee to share personal and professional challenges and seek assistance in navigating both seamlessly. This places the responsibility on the mentee to drive the relationship.

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